Sleeping Beauty

An adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story, commissioned by and originally produced at the Hanau Festival in Germany, and conceived as a commercial musical that will appeal equally to audiences of adults and to audiences of children.



"A dramatic, funny and above all musically exciting Sleeping Beauty... Entertainment of the highest standard"


"This is a musical that deserves to be seen... One is treated to an intelligent and original, yet accessible, telling of the tale, which, judging by the standing ovation it received, cannot fail but be embraced by its audiences and be enjoyed on different levels and in different ways by young and old alike."


"This sparkling take on the story entertained and delighted Friday’s 1200-strong opening night audience at the Amphitheater Schloss Philippsruhe Hanau. The show’s rousing hits were played by a small but cool live band, the ten performers’ voices were predominantly of a high standard, the plot had pace..."


"Sleeping Beauty offers one and a half hours of good entertainment for the whole family and thereby keeps up the Festivals tradition of producing successful musicals."


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